Is cold marketing dead?

I’ve been predicting for a while that most requests for opt-in to email lists will get very poor responses in the run up to GDPR. No surprise – it’s a great opportunity to declutter the inbox of all the spammy marketing messages and newsletters that we don’t read.

As databases of targets will therefore become redundant, my next prediction is that Linkedin will be turned to for such messaging. LinkedIn = opt-in right? Maybe. I’ve noticed the increase in requests to connect by people I don’t know, which seems like a precursor for the next blizzard of unwanted marketing from the outdated push-marketing brigade.

My preference has always been for keeping in touch with people I know, rather than forcing the high volume, cold end of marketing. GDPR will definitely shift the emphasis in this direction and not before time.

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Teaching, guiding and mentoring professional service firms and successful business owners, providing them with time to think. Love family, reading and walking. Brighton UK
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