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Control your day

Most┬ápeople have been on a time management course or read the books, yet neither seem to improve their feeling of control over our most limited resource – time. One of the reasons is that conventional wisdom helps us prioritise, prepare … Continue reading

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Is there any hope at all?

I have just engaged a law firm to process a fairly straight forward transaction. This is my story of how, in my humble opinion, they got it spectacularly wrong from a client’s perspective from start to finish. They would probably … Continue reading

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Proactivity creates headwind for the time-based professional

I rarely get anything but nods when I suggest it would be a good thing for a senior professional to be proactive towards their client. Trouble is, whilst it’s hard to argue the logic, it simply isn’t going to happen … Continue reading

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Are you measuring the right leadership KPI’s?

Most of my clients are chief executives, managing directors or senior managers. Without exception, as far as I can tell, they are measured on the standard business outcomes linked to growth, market share and profit. These are often described as … Continue reading

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Decisions decisions decisions

Any business owner will know that running a business is essentially a process of making one decision after another. He or she who makes the right decisions wins – he or she who makes the wrong ones loses. The problem … Continue reading

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If you can’t draw it…

As a strategist, I am often working with my clients on their business vision. It maybe 1 year hence or even 10-20 years, depending on the needs the organisation and the perceived rate of commoditisation of its products or services. … Continue reading

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Ain’t no budget here

The big mistake often made about consultants is that they add cost to a business. Truth is, the best consultants working with SME’s have to deliver more benefit from using their services that the cost of their fee. Why? Because … Continue reading

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