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New term madness

Looks like people are back at work today. Roads gridlocked, pool full of the new-termers with their metaphorical new blazers and satchels. They won’t last, but the traffic is here to stay. Shame, it’s been nice to work over the … Continue reading

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Design the product around the customer

“Build it and they’ll come.” Well, they might…or they might not. It depends whether “they” want to. The days of creating a mediocre product or service then throwing some money at an advertising campaign are long gone. The customers of today … Continue reading


What ROI do you get from your management team?

If the employees of most organisations were lined up against the wall with the very best at one end and the least performing at the other (I’m not suggesting you do this by the way), the top third would be … Continue reading

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Pricing strategy

As we know – if the price is set too high, we lose the sale. Set it too low and we leave money on the table. In other words, the customer will quickly provide us with feedback on whether we’ve … Continue reading

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10 hurdles to overcome when learning new skills

So, you have no time but urgently need new skills to stay relevant in a rapidly changing business environment. Regardless of your role in a business if you are not continuously growing and evolving, you will very quickly go backwards. … Continue reading

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Blended leadership and management development program

We have now run two 6-month blended learning programs for directors and senior managers. The mix of modular face-to-face training with the ability to customise topics via access to our online learning platform maximises the embedding of new skills and behaviours … Continue reading

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Leverage is the key

I found that it was OK to earn £8 per hour when you are 16, but the economics don’t work at my age. It’s OK to put one unit of effort in and get one unit out if you’re a … Continue reading


Real-time online coaching support

Many of you will know about my long-term partnership with Mindshop. We have been working together for the last 18 years. As a global organisation, they had to be early adopters of online collaboration, so we’ve been training and coaching … Continue reading

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Control your day

Most people have been on a time management course or read the books, yet neither seem to improve their feeling of control over our most limited resource – time. One of the reasons is that conventional wisdom helps us prioritise, prepare … Continue reading

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Don’t get “stuck on stupid”

Now, I should start by saying that you already know what I’m about to share with you, but so do all my clients and the concept has proved a significant turning point for some of them. As a business consultant, my … Continue reading

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