Return on the time invested in social media

My last blog post centred around some of the negatives of social media, as I see them. This time, I wanted to share a couple of positives.

First of all, I had a referral to a prospective client this week. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say. However, it came from someone who I think I’ve only ever “met” on LinkedIn. They have been following my activity for a couple of years and the perception that has created, along with an element of extra due diligence no doubt, has led to what I would call a strong recommendation to use my services to one of their valued clients. Not a step anyone would take without a high level of confidence in the person being referred and it’s interesting how well LinkedIn has performed in that regard.

Secondly, I have put quite a lot of effort into Twitter over the past few years. I always try to add value to my followers, rather than simply act as a bulletin board and it’s lovely when I get a nice reply to say that a comment had uplifted someone’s spirit or mood. This week provided quite a shock though. A tweet I made at the beginning of the weekend, which was a quote about how we learn, generated over 300 retweets and 650 likes in the 48 hours after the post. Of course, there were a handful of negative comments too, as you would expect. Setting aside the dopamine hit that I probably experienced, it was such a nice feeling to reflect on how much value that might have added to the everyday lives of so many people around the world, simply because it resonated enough to create a positive response. We all probably wonder if there is anyone out there listening when we engage with social media and so much seems to be noise, so it’s encouraging to get such a strong endorsement from the effort and thought that goes into sharing ideas with followers, even if it’s only occasional.


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Teaching, guiding and mentoring professional service firms and successful business owners, providing them with time to think. Love family, reading and walking. Brighton UK
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