The iron lady

Now, those who know me well will tell you that I’m not Margaret Thatcher’s biggest fan, for a number of reasons. However, I don’t want to dwell on the negatives – there are plenty who are doing that right now. Credit where it’s due and I wanted to ask you to suspend your automatic judgement and entertain the idea that she might have done some good things in our messy world.

If we look for good, we will find it. If we seek to criticise, we will easily find fault. Self-fulfilling prophecies are a well-known phenomena.

The nay-sayers will already have increased their heart rate and be ready to pile in with counter arguments, but all things in life offer an opportunity to argue both ways.

First of all, it’s hard to criticise her courage of conviction. In the end, if everyone agrees with you, frankly your message is bland. That could never have been a criticism levelled at MT.

Churchill once said ” I am an optimist – there doesn’t seem to be any point on being anything else”. Well, as Dr Martin Seligman suggests that is certainly true, unless you’re a lawyer. MT had a passion that instilled a mood of optimism in our country – more powerful than we might think.

As a person who walked out on a successful career and job for life to start a small business, I am grateful to her for creating the environment that gives me permission to be an entrepreneur. The idea that anyone can start their own business, can achieve what they are able to conceive in their minds is, as any business coach or psychologist knows, the magic ingredient to succeed in anything. It is the small businesses that have created over 1m jobs in the last year or so and who will probably bring our economy back to equilibrium. Above all, the belief that we can all choose to succeed, rather than bemoan the gloom and doom, is what makes us become proactive, relinquish the learned helplessness that plagues the belief systems of some sections of our society and which makes our spirit indestructible.

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Teaching, guiding and mentoring professional service firms and successful business owners, providing them with time to think. Love family, reading and walking. Brighton UK
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4 Responses to The iron lady

  1. waterguy says:

    Nicely said Paul. It is so easy to take an extreme view on virtually anything but I’m with your sentiment that MT created an environment that didn’t exist for anyone outside of the ‘privileged class’ prior to her shake up. Now it’s time to bury the dead and move on. Beats me why so many prefer to bathe in hatred at this time.

  2. Alistair Young says:

    Great thoughts Paul

  3. Stephen Hillier says:

    Well said, Paul, and thank you for finding a positive

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