The diffusion of innovation

OK, well here’s my first venture into blogging.

It’s funny how some people pioneer the new way. You’ve heard of  innovators and early adopters. They are the ones with the new phones, computers, PDA’s and other gadgets. Others just watch initially. We all jump in at different times. It’s called the diffusion of innovation. We have a tendency to react the same to all new things. The laggards are the last to join in and sometimes they never do.

The business lesson? Well, if you are selling something that’s new in the market, you will only get the first 16% interested. The others will wait, so don’t try to sell everyone. The good news is that the others will come along later, provided you are tenacious.

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Teaching, guiding and mentoring professional service firms and successful business owners, providing them with time to think. Love family, reading and walking. Brighton UK
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2 Responses to The diffusion of innovation

  1. Tenacity is the key. Howard Gardner talks at length about multiple intelligences so I advocate tapping into that thinking – it really helps.

    Key headers are Linguistic, Mathematical, Inter Personal, Intra Personal, Aesthetic, Kinesthetic, Moral and Spiritual intelligence. So, someone with aesthetic intelligence will value the packaging – someone with linguistic intelligence will spot a spelling mistake before opening the email! Cater for them all and you cast a wide net.

    Great Blog 🙂

  2. paulhopwood says:

    The really useful thing about innovators is that they give others permission to follow their lead.
    I wonder how many blogs we’ll see spring up over the next few weeks?

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